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Victor Quiñones – Founder and CEO

Any CPA firm can say that they provide excellent accounting and tax services and, yes at Quiñones & Co., Inc. we absolutely do that for our clients. However, what truly makes us unique in the world of accounting firms isn’t just WHAT we do, it’s our approach to HOW we do it.

Simply stated, we start with what our clients need and work backwards from there. We work to gain a very clear picture about your particular financial requirements; whether it’s for your business, your family or for you personally. We then determine the most efficient way for you to achieve those goals. Most importantly, we are there to guide you every step of the way. We know that handling your bookkeeping and/or preparing your taxes are just part of a much larger picture in making sure you have the financial security you desire.

Managing partner Victor Quiñones has a quiet, low-key approach to business; it’s one of the signatures of our firm. We all know that financial problems can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. Our clients tell us that Victor’s easygoing demeanor and expansive knowledge has consistently helped put them at ease, especially when they are facing challenging financial issues.

This is why so many of our clients request that Quiñones & Co., Inc. handle every aspect of their financial business life; from accounting to payroll, to filing taxes and even on how to protect their family’s financial future. They know that by allowing us to fully integrate into their business, we can give them the type of service and consultation that is simply unavailable to them at most any other accounting firms.

As selective as our clients are in hiring us, we tend to be just as selective in taking them on as well. We have kept Quiñones & Co., Inc. as a medium sized firm so as to accommodate the personal needs of our clientele. Since the only irreplaceable commodity in business is “time,” it is important for us to spend more time with people who are seriously committed to getting the best results in their business and in life.

We know that at Quiñones & Co., Inc. you will find, not only the hard working ethics of a committed accounting firm, but you will also see a new way of approaching your financial goals that you may have never before considered.

Please contact us at 323.597.1152 to set up your initial low-cost consultation. We look forward to working with you.

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You just need a little help here and there to get your small business taxes done right.
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You want us to provide full time consultation and support for your business.
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